Belfast native Frances Magee is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer.  Frances trained in Art and Design at the York street campus of the University of Ulster specialising in creating sculpture in mixed media.


Having lived and travelled extensively across Europe, Irish craft maker Frances has absorbed a modern European view on family living spaces. Creating a pared back interior aesthetic of her own which has proven popular amongst clients.

Frances has been developing macrame and hand weaving techniques for many years, producing unique finishing touch pieces for homes across the UK.

Handmade macrame plant hangers have become a firm favourite with many customers

“There is nothing comparable to the tactile feel of the threads, as well as the rhythm of making knot after knot, until a piece takes form.

On the most personal level, knotting gives me a chance to immerse myself in a very peaceful, private meditative process that allows me to create simple, elegant forms with bold, striking colours.”

Breathing new life into materials which are destined for landfill has become a mission for Frances. Recycled materials craft  and giving a ‘second life’ to this previously discarded medium and sharing the creations with customers new and old has become a source of great joy.