On the Ledge 4

On the Ledge 4

The ‘On The Ledge’ series


This series of minimalist linocut prints has been in development over the last year. They are original artworks made from hand-carved linoleum blocks.


Each plate is a triptych of some of my favourite house plants.


Keeping houseplants became a sort of therapy and comfort to me during the pandemic. I was very much in good company it seemed as lots of groups appeared across social media with some kindred spirits.

This sense of belonging helped me stay balanced, and find my own place ‘On the ledge’


All of my prints are original linocuts and are handmade by me. Because they are handmade, prints inevitably have minuscule differences...part of the charm of being made by a person and not a machine!


On The Ledge 4 depicts a Polka Dot Begonia, a Donkey tail Sedum and a Bunny ear Cactus





Delivered box framed 37x37x6cm


Available in Five gorgeous colours guaranteed to complement any home aesthetic.








Postage to UK and Ireland £5.00

Postage Worldwide on request.