Look at this gorgeous green goddess of a plant hanger! She's Huge!


In your kitchen or hanging free outside, this waterproof mamma will be holding on to your happy plants for many moons to come.


Photographs just don't do her shimmery tones justice, just go ahead and order! You won't be disappointed


These  beautiful macrame pieces are crafted using reclaimed paracord which is a by-product of the data cabling industry.


Each piece of cord starts out life as the feeder cord which guides the cable through ducts.

After this unbelievably important job,  they are very unceremoniusly discarded!


To landfill no less.


Sucks right?


That's where you come in... I make the hangers, you buy them to look after your plant babies and the planet gets a little more beautiful!


Handmade with  lots of love.


Indoor or outdoor suitability


Totally colourfast and strong baby... like really really strong.